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Jan 11, 2013 2:30pm PST
the thousands of lives lost, the taliban has not been defeated. some say at the america pulls out too quickly, it will be trade promises made and leave afghanistan vulnerable. >> it will be difficult to engage down the road if there is a large al qaeda return or the taliban takes over the country, to get the afghanistan's to trust us when we say we will be there to help you. >> america described it as the final chapter in afghanistan. president obama downsized out of the ambitions, winding down the war that is increasingly unpopular at home. this is not the final chapter. that is just that americans have grown wary about spending the money and spilling the blood. >>> for more on the future of the u.s. mission, i spoke a short time ago with the former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. ambassador, thank you very much for coming in. president obama says that things are going so well he can actually speed up the transition. are the afghan security forces really ready to take over in the spring or is this more a matter of expediency for both countries? >> i think this has been a good sum
Jan 8, 2013 4:00pm PST
. >> soldiers are risk where they should be most say from inside their camps. taliban infiltration is often to blame. the tactic is to undermine the relationship between afghan forces and the coalition partners, making it more difficult for the afghan military to take over security here. president karzai arrived in washington today. mapping out afghanistan's future after foreign combat troops have left. their meeting will determine the primary mission, to fight the taliban or to get rid of al qaeda. president karzai wants soldiers. his forces lead emissions across the country. they are still not ready. for many years to come, these soldiers in afghanistan generally will rely on america's support. >> for more on those meetings taking place, i spoke with peter bergen. what is the main sticking point in these meetings between what the white house wants and what president karzai wants? >> it is the question of immunity for american forces. the u.s. does not want its soldiers being prosecuted by an afghan accords for obvious reasons. this is a big sticking point. >> karzai would like that? >> ye
Jan 3, 2013 4:00pm PST
pakistani taliban, then perhaps the u.s. can get away with its own targeting list. >> this strike raises two issues. there are questions about the legality of u.s. jone strikes -- drone strikes on pakistan and the ambivalent idea that there are good taliban and less good. ardo you think those issues will come up again? >> on legal issues it is ambiguous. the pakistan government says they don't want drone strikes but if it works out at a practical level they may accept them if there is joint targeting. >> this has happened before. and the u.s. has gone back to not acknowledging they are operating the drones. that is what they have re- introduced. and the question of good and bad taliban, if there is a chaotic civil war in afghanistan after the transition of coalition forces it will be bad for afghanistan but a disaster for pakistan. >> a man described as an al- qaeda operative in great britain was sent to the u.s. nazir was accused of planning to set off bombs in manchester but the fbi believes he is part of a planned attack on the u.s. subway system. >> police move in on a group planning
Jan 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
ready. on the agenda this week will be progress in talks with the taliban. insurgents will be sent a warning. if karzai and the kabul regime agree with the presence of a single american soldier, they will also be a responsible for future hostilities, casualties, and destruction. some hoped the meeting will mean troops will pack up and head home sooner. that might help the peace process. >> if international troops withdraw from the country, the jihad against international invaders will be totally or more than 90% over. >> this meeting will influence the number of soldiers president obama is willing to send home and the number president karzai is willing to tolerate. this has changed into a war of counterterrorism. the interest of afghanistan and america will not be easily disentangled. across the country, u.s. bases are disappearing. this week's meeting will help determine the direction they take and the speed with which they go. >> silvio berlusconi has said he will not lead the next italian government. he struck a deal with the italian far right party. there are elections in februar
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)